The Importance of TGP for Helping Prevent HIV/AIDS

Nowadays, AIDS becomes more spreading worldwide in an enormous number. Few countries can counter this situation successfully. In East Asia, some states are influenced by it. There are many million people who carry this disease. Some people and sex workers have less education, support, and action to prevent HIV/AIDS. As I read from this source, clear and solid regulations are needed in this issue. This will be the main reason why this country is exposed to HIV/AIDS. We have to rely on several different reasons in the country.


The Background Study

Our internal business depends largely on this. In this way, we have moved to India in many different ways. Burma is just another neighboring country that is currently significantly affected by this situation. This indicator is not entirely responsible, but it can help to change behavior. If we want to prevent the first, we must emphasize that we must try to change sexual behavior. We have managed to get to know our vulnerable target groups and the main reason they become vulnerable.

Sex workerAlso, there is adequate medicine for venereal diseases, and that these diseases do not lead to death, but AIDS is very dangerous. There is no alternative approach to survive after the infection. It is easy to get the 4th surveillance document from last year that about 4% of IDU in Bangladesh are infected with HIV/AIDS. Still, after one year, when we see the first area of Dhaka city, which has increased to 8.9%, we get this report from the 5th surveillance document. This report will lower our social standards and seriously affect our economic condition. Our nation is in very bad shape, so we cannot deal with many people like this specific disease.

Therefore, we must take the necessary measures to stop it from increasing. We need a whole range of measures to raise public awareness about HIV/AIDS. We can influence our government’s ability to include details about HIV/AIDS in secondary and middle school programs.

The Solution

Gender education is fundamental for the growing children of our state. It can help our young people to acquire a proper understanding. But this knowledge is crucial for their psychological and physical development, supports their social interaction, social behavior, reproductive health and hygiene, and their sexual behavior to grasp all kinds of social influences, understand them, what their religion is, etc. Lack of individual understanding can cause unique problems.

It is quite common among resident sex workers or hidden sex workers. Without a TGP, the domestic helper will not allow new clients in. TGP will play an essential role in our activities. These TGPs communicate with a couple of people in the region who help them by providing them with customers or are dependent on each other. Sometimes these tools protect them from unforeseen local circumstances or police harassment. If we can continue this action, then TGP Because sex workers do not stay long in a home, they change their place of residence after three or six months but keep in touch with their source (TGP) to continue their project. For this reason, TGP is an important program.